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  • Supporting individualds and teams, building connections and community

Are you concerned about your team or a team you know about?

Teams have been through a lot during the pandemic: some have been intensely pressured and have had to deal with an enormous amount of illness and distress; others have been separated for months on end, making people feel disconnected and isolated. It can be helpful to think as a team about what you have been through, or to find ways of reconnecting if the team has not been working together in the usual way.

What can you expect from Stronger Together?

If you are contacting Stronger Together on behalf of your team, you can expect to be offered a confidential team appointment with a Clinical or Counselling Psychologist within one to two weeks.

The first appointment

Your first appointment will be between 45 minutes to an hour long and is a chance to have an informal conversation to find out more about the service and what might be of help. We try to organise appointments to fit in with the needs of busy clinicians, and can sometimes offer evening appointments and arrange to meet online or talk on the phone.

What happens next?

Colleagues often want to talk to us just one or two times, and we offer up to four support sessions in total. The aim of these further appointments will be to explore an area of concern away from work pressures, to make sense of what is happening and think together about best next steps. We might give direct support to the team or focus on work with team leaders, helping them think through how best to look after their team.

Information on who the service is for

Stronger Together provides support for health and social care colleagues working in public sector services in Northamptonshire.

You can get in touch to talk about yourself or if you are concerned for a member of your team or family. The issue can be anything, from something in your personal life to distress related to the job or a work problem.

Our service is here for ALL our colleagues, whatever your role is in your organisation and whether or not you are directly involved in clinical or care work. We recognise that the burden of responsibility on leaders at the moment is very great. We invite senior colleagues to get in touch to share concerns, either about themselves or others, and we can talk about how to arrange out-of-county support if this would be helpful.

How to access the service

Getting in touch with us is easy, please fill in our quick self-referral form by clicking the button below. 

If you experience any problems submitting the form you can email us at and we will send you a digital copy. We will respond promptly and aim to offer a first appointment within a fortnight.

Team referral form

We are a confidential service and use of our support will not go down on your general health record*

*We use a separate, bespoke record-keeping system, and we only share information from our record with the consent of the individual concerned.

We would like to say a huge thank you to our sponsors; NHS Charities and NHS England, for providing us with the funds to make this bespoke service for our colleagues possible.

Please note the website is hosted by NHCP as referred to below, however the data for Stronger Together is held by Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT) as this is a NHFT owned service. To view the privacy notice for NHFT please click on the link: