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We matter too – putting compassion into practice as healthcare staff

As health and social care staff we spend much of our time taking care of others, and in the process we often neglect our own health and wellbeing. In this video Dr Sameen Malik, Clinical Psychologist, and Dr Anna Richards, Counselling Psychologist, explore in a detailed and practical manner compassion-based approaches to looking after ourselves and our colleagues, and how to put them into practice.

Poems from the Heart of the NHS

In this video, colleagues and poets read their work about receiving and giving care from the landmark anthology published last year, ‘Poems from the Heart of the NHS’. In this collection poetry is used to help us to reflect on our work as caregivers. The poems pay testament to the daily human interactions in our work – with those we care for and with colleagues – and have a real part to play in our recovery from the pandemic. Please take time to enjoy these beautifully presented poems, which are a real gift to us.

Reducing the stigma of mental health                                                                

Acknowledgment of mental health difficulties is often associated with terrible stigma and shame, particularly perhaps amongst health and social care colleagues. In this session, Dr Natalie Kemp, Clinical Psychologist, seeks to address the particular difficulties for us in acknowledging mental health problems. She aims to get away from the unhealthy narrative that we as care staff are strong and capable and therefore cannot show weakness, to a new narrative which allows us to acknowledge vulnerability and difficulties in ourselves as part of being human, alongside a sense of ourselves as strong and capable.

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