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What’s new?

We are going to be regularly updating this section with a new resource that has been recommended by one of our team.

Our latest resource is a webinar recording for an Arts in Healing event which was hosted by the Association of Clinical Psychologists. This was a unique event bringing together the arts with health and social care.

In this recording, you will hear our colleagues read beautiful poems describing the human side of their work. In the first hour, they read poems from the much-praised anthology These Are the Hands: Poems from the Heart of the NHS.

Twenty-seven minutes in, Dr. Khadija Rouf, Consultant Clinical Psychologist in NHFT and also a prize-winning poet, reads poems about the relationship between carer and cared for.

Fifty-nine minutes in you can hear Rob Gee, comedy stand-up poet, perform an extreme and funny poem about visiting a hospital with meningitis.

In the second hour, performers from the Leicester Comedy Asylum, an arts in mental health project, perform their work.

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This is a public access webinar recording produced by the Association of Clinical Psychologists UK in collaboration with Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust and Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

Where can I access support?

There are many services available that you can access directly, either by phone or email. A list of these services can be viewed by clicking the boxes below, where you will find a brief description of what the service offers as well as how to contact them.

Stronger Together works in partnership with a number of the services listed, but is not responsible for these services. We are keen to get your input in developing this resource, so please do email us at if you want to let us know about a service which is not included, or to make a recommendation or raise a concern.

Local and national support services and networks

Below is a summary of free mental health and wellbeing services that you can reach out to.

Many of these services are for all health and social care staff, but some are for specific groups such as nurses or GPs or they may be organisation specific. Please check on the individual descriptions to find out.

Kettering General Hospital (KGH)

  • WeCare Cafė – Open Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays) 9 am-4.30 pm. Located in PWEC.
  • For all KGH staff – Space to take a break away from your department/area and get a drink.
  • Contact 07970 042 450 or email the team.
  • Open Office –  Located opposite Costa Coffee near main reception/next to MAU.
    For all KGH staff – A drop-in listening service open 7 days a week (10 am-12 pm and 2-4 pm). Contact Ext. 3231
    or email the team.

Northampton General Hospital (NGH)

NGH now operates a single point of access for their Health and Wellbeing services. This means there is one referral form to access the NGH Staff Psychological Wellbeing service, the Health and Wellbeing service, and the SoS (Support our Staff) service. Please read below for more information about each service or click here to make a referral.

  • The Staff Psychological Wellbeing service – Provides in-house, confidential, psychological support to staff in various aspects of their personal and workplace lives. The service offers one-to-one therapeutic sessions, support for teams, and psychological insights into systemic and team issues. The team can provide expert advice, training, and supervision to other NGH teams and managers to promote staff members’ psychological wellbeing and offer support with workplace challenges, phased return plans, and work adjustments.
    Contact: Dr Claire Hallas, Lead Psychologist or make a referral.
  • The Health and Wellbeing Service – Provides wellbeing conversations and guidance to staff members who are experiencing emotional, financial, and physical health difficulties. This includes facilitating support groups for carers, people with financial concerns, and staff experiencing menopause across NGH. The service also develops and promotes wellbeing campaigns across the hospital and provides training to staff, including Mental Health First Aid Training.
    Contact: Anne-Marie Dunkley, Health and Wellbeing Manager or make a referral.
  • Support our Staff (SoS) –  A multi-professional, confidential, peer-led support service that provides a safe environment to discuss clinical incidents in the workplace and other issues affecting your wellbeing.
    Contact: Moya Flaherty, Service Lead or make a referral.
  • Change, grow, live 0808 169 8512 or 01604 211 304
    For anyone living in Northamptonshire –
    Substance to Solution service to support
  • Bridge 07506 141 829
    For anyone in the UK – Peer support project which links volunteers who have recovered from alcohol and/or drug misuse
  • Al-Anon – 0800 0086 811
    For anyone in the UK –
    Support to anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else’s drinking
  • Sick Doctors Trust 0370 444 5163 
    For Doctors Dentists and Medical Students – Support if you are concerned about your use of drugs or alcohol
  • Sue RyderAccess online bereavement support here 
    For anyone in the UK –
    Palliative, neurological and bereavement support
  • Blue Cross 0800 096 6606
    For anyone –
    Free and confidential pet bereavement and pet loss support
  • Cruse – 0808 808 1677
    For anyone
     – Assisting people to cope with grief and bereavement
  • Marie Curie – 0800 090 2309
    For anyone – 
    Care and support through terminal illness
  • Community Law Services01604 621038
    For anyone living in Northamptonshire –
    Social welfare advice and support
  • Citizens Advice Bureau – 0800 144 8848 
    For anyone in the UK – Free specialist advice on a wide range of topics including benefits, emplyment and housing
  • Remploy – 0300 456 8110
    For anyone in the UK
    – Free and confidential support service to help people with mental health or disability needs to remain, or return to, their role
  • Unison0800 0857 857 
    For members of Unison – Unison-led support and counselling and welfare support
  • NHS England National GP Retention Scheme0121 695 2409
    For Doctors –
    Financial and educational support scheme if you are seriously considering leaving pratice due to caring, health or flexible working reasons
  • Women’s Aid08082 000 247 or 07879 844 451
    For women and children anywhere in the UK  –
    24 hour emergency refuge and support
  • Sunflower Centre – 01604 888211
    For anyone living in Northamptonshire –
    Support and advice services to high risk male and female victims of domestic abuse
  • Doctors Support Network (DSN) – See website
    For doctors and medical students – A support network for people with with mental health concerns
  • Health and Wellbeing Manager – 01604 545373 (you will need to be able to access the NGH intranet to click on the link)
    For all colleagues of NHG – Support, advice and signposting for staff general health and wellbeing
  • NorPip – (Northamptonshire Parent Infant Partnership) – 01604 924 735
    For anyone living in Northamptonshire – Supporting parents to be and parents with children under two to form stable relationships
  • Skills for Care 0113 241 1260
    For registered Managers – Networks to join, webinars and training
  • NHS Practitioner Health0300 0303 300
    For doctors, dentists and retired GPs returning to practice. Free specialised mental health wellbeing and treatment service
  • Doctors in Distress  – 07593 531 888
    For all healthcare workers – Confidential facilitated groups and an opportunity to give and get peer-to-peer support in reducing stress and burnout
  • Disabled Doctors NetworkSee website
    For doctors and medical students living with chronic illness and/or disability
  • DocHealth020 7383 6533 
    For all doctors in the UK. A confidential, not for profit, psychotherapeutic consultation service for all doctors to explore professional or personal difficulties with a senior clinician
  • Medical Womens Federation020 7387 7765
    For all women doctors and those who idenitfy as trans and gender diverse –Improving working conditions, offering support and networking opportunities
  • Changing Minds IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) Service – see website
    For anyone aged 17 and half and over registered with a GP in Northamptonshire
  • Integrated Response Hub0800 448 0828
    For anyone living in Northamptonshire –
    24/7 mental health support available weekdays and over weekends
  • Looking after you too See website
    For NHS staff working in primary care
    – individual coaching sessions to discuss an area of your wellbeing
  • NGH Psychology
    For any colleagues employed by NGH –
    Psychologist led, in-house talking therapy service
  • NHFT spiritual wellebeing serviceSee website 
    For all staff of any faith working at NHFT – Support to help make sense of experiences which incorporates mind, body soul and spirit

NHFT staff:

  • NHFT BAME Staff Network – 
    For all NHFT staff –
    Support network for Black, Asian and Minority ethnic staff and allies.
  • Working Carers
    For all NHFT colleagues – Support for staff who have a relative affected by COVID, or who have died
  • LGBTQ+ Network –
  • For all NHFT colleagues – Support network for LGBTQI+ staff and allies

KGH staff:

  • KGH BAME and EDI Network07813 363 631 (Please text the number requesting to be added to this KGH staff support WhatsApp group) or email
    For all KGH staff – Support network for Black, Asian and Minority ethnic staff and allies.
  • KGH Overseas Nursing Network07813 363 518 (Please text the number requesting to be added to this KGH staff support WhatsApp group) or email
    For all KGH staff – Support network for overseas nursing staff
  • KGH DisAbility Network07813 363 542 (Please text the number requesting to be added to this KGH staff support WhatsApp group) or email
    For all KGH staff 
  • Young Peer Support Network07977 326 769 (Please text the number requesting to be added to this KGH staff support WhatsApp group) or email
    For all KGH staff
  • Gender Equality Network07974 598 792 (Please text the number requesting to be added to this KGH staff support WhatsApp group) or email
    For all KGH staff 
  • LGBTQI+ Network07813 363 629 (Please text the number requesting to be added to this KGH staff support WhatsApp group) or email
    For all KGH staff

NGH staff: 

  • DAWN (Disability and Wellbeing Network) – Membership of DAWN is open to all NGH staff who have a disability, long-term condition, or mental health condition, or those who are interested in health and wellbeing at work and want to drive forward disability equality within the Trust.
  • PRIDE Network – The PRIDE network values and recognises the needs of individuals of minority sexual/romantic orientation and gender identity and works proactively to address these needs in the workplace. Membership is open to all NGH staff who identify with any minority sexual/romantic orientation and gender identity including, but not exclusively, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender colleagues, and allies – any staff members with a positive interest in driving forward diversity and inclusion within NGH.
    Contact:, follow on Twitter.
  • REACH (Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage Network) – The aim of this group is to “Enhance and facilitate interdependent and collaborative working across core members to promote inclusion, equality, empowerment to staff who work at Northampton General Hospital and identify as REACH”.
    Contact: Leanna Luxton, the Chair of the Group for more information, follow on Twitter.
  • VOICE: NGH Women in Medicine Network – This group is designed to support women in medicine, to empower women to achieve career goals by promoting a culture change that will benefit all women doctors. Membership is open to all women working in medicine and/or dentistry at NGH, this includes staff who are non-binary, transgender, or identify as a woman. Membership is also open to any staff member who is interested in making or supporting equitable organisational changes for our medical and dental staff.
  • Nurse Lifeline 0808 801 0455
    For nursing staff specialised support service
  • Frontline NHS see website
    For all NHS and frontline staff – Psychological support with a qualified professional
  • Health and Social Care Staff Support Line0800 069 6222
    For all health and social care staff
  • Samaritans 0800 069 6222 (NHS staff 7am – 11pm) or the general public 116 123
    For all NHS staff
    – Use the special NHS number or the general number
  • Shout – Text “SHOUT” to 85258
    For anyone –
    a free anonymous text message service
  • Rethink 0808 801 0525
    For anyone –
    Mental health networks and services 
  • Carers UK –  0808 808 7777
    For anyone
    – Support if you are looking after a family member 
  • Cruse 0808 808 1677
    For anyone
    – Assisting people to cope with grief and bereavement
  • Marie Curie 0800 090 2309
    For anyone –
    Care and support through terminal illness
  • Hospice UK – (see Our Frontline) – 0300 303 4434
    For all NHS staff – 24/7 mental health and bereavement service for frontline workers
  • Relate0300 003 0396
    For anyone
    – Relationship support counselling
  • Health Assured 0844 891 0355
    For all staff
    –  (you need to state who you are emplyed by) 24/7 counselling, legal and information line 

Video resources

You may find listening to other health and social care colleagues helpful at this time. Having these resources available online, means you can access them at a time that suits you, and can go back to them whenever you have the time to do so.

We matter too – putting compassion into practice as healthcare staff

As health and social care staff we spend much of our time taking care of others, and in the process we often neglect our own health and wellbeing.

In this video Dr Sameen Malik, Clinical Psychologist, and Dr Anna Richards, Counselling Psychologist, explore in a detailed and practical manner compassion-based approaches to looking after ourselves and our colleagues, and how to put them into practice.

Poems from the Heart of the NHS

In this video, colleagues and poets read their work about receiving and giving care from the landmark anthology published last year, ‘Poems from the Heart of the NHS’. In this collection poetry is used to help us to reflect on our work as caregivers.

The poems pay testament to the daily human interactions in our work – with those we care for and with colleagues – and have a real part to play in our recovery from the pandemic. Please take time to enjoy these beautifully presented poems, which are a real gift to us.

Reducing the stigma of mental health                                                                

Acknowledgment of mental health difficulties is often associated with terrible stigma and shame, particularly perhaps amongst health and social care colleagues. In this session, Dr Natalie Kemp, Clinical Psychologist, seeks to address the particular difficulties for us in acknowledging mental health problems.

She aims to get away from the unhealthy narrative that we as care staff are strong and capable and therefore cannot show weakness, to a new narrative which allows us to acknowledge vulnerability and difficulties in ourselves as part of being human, alongside a sense of ourselves as strong and capable.

We would like to say a huge thank you to our sponsors NHS Charities Together and NHS England, for providing us with the funds to make this bespoke service for our colleagues possible.

Please note the website is hosted by NHCP as referred to below, however the data for Stronger Together is held by Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT) as this is a NHFT owned service. To view the privacy notice for NHFT please click on the link: