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“We aim to remove barriers to seeking help and to be there for colleagues at point of need.”

We at Stronger Together are a team of six experienced Clinical and Counselling Psychologists dedicated to supporting health and social care staff across Northamptonshire.

Our service was set up in response to the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic but we support colleagues with a wide range of concerns. We provide high-quality psychological support to individuals and teams, alongside work aimed at helping organisations develop compassionate cultures of care.

At Stronger Together we know how transformational and life-enhancing it can be to make sense of challenging experiences and explore avenues for change within a trusted relationship. We provide opportunities for meaningful change to the individuals and teams we support: the chance to take stock, make sense, and respond to challenges in a way that fits with people’s values, and fosters hope and connection.

“We know that finding the best place for help can be hard, so if colleagues need a referral to another service, we support them in this process.”

We are a team of six experienced clinical and counselling psychologists dedicated to supporting health and social care staff in Northamptonshire.

Our services are free and all colleagues within publicly funded services in health and social care can access our support.

We offer consultations to individuals, teams and team leaders. We also do outreach work, taking our service to busy colleagues where they are, and we offer supervision and training.

We are one of the NHS staff mental health and wellbeing hubs that were set up in response to the pressures that were put onto staff as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

All colleagues working in publicly funded health and social care services in Northamptonshire.

You can refer yourself or your team quickly and easily: self-referral is via a short online form here on our website. You will also find out specific information on what happens during your appointment on this page.

Yes, we have a separate record-keeping system so use of our service does not go down on the general health record.

It’s usually best if people refer themselves, but if you want to refer a colleague (an individual or a team) please discuss the referral and ask for their consent.

Yes. We know that finding the best place for help can be hard, so if colleagues need a referral to another service, we support them in this process.

No, colleagues consult us on a variety of personal and professional issues, including mental health concerns, problems in relationships and teams, and worries about colleagues or family members.

Yes, but alongside the colleague accessing the service, i.e. we do not meet with children or partners on their own.

Please have a look here for more information about how we support teams as well as what to expect during a team consultation.

We have a fantastic bank of resources that have been curated by our team. Here you will find videos, websites and the contact details of local and national support services and networks arranged by topic.

Getting in touch with us is easy, please fill in our quick self-referral form by clicking the button below. 

If you experience any problems submitting the form you can email us at and we will send you a digital copy. We will respond promptly and aim to offer a first appointment within a fortnight.

Self-referral form

We would like to say a huge thank you to our sponsors; NHS Charities and NHS England, for providing us with the funds to make this bespoke service for our colleagues possible.

Please note the website is hosted by NHCP as referred to below, however the data for Stronger Together is held by Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT) as this is a NHFT owned service. To view the privacy notice for NHFT please click on the link: