Northamptonshire Research and Innovation Collaboration

In Northamptonshire, we understand that research and innovation play a hugely important part in our work to deliver the best possible health and care services for the people of our county.

That’s why we are working together as local health and care organisations to establish the Northamptonshire Research and Innovation Collaboration.

This is a way of bringing together like-minded people from across our health and care community who are passionate about research and innovation, and providing a means for them to share information, knowledge and ideas.

By working together we can gain a better understanding of the health and care needs of our county’s population, and develop targeted research and innovation projects to reduce health inequalities in our communities.

Research is critical to the delivery of evidence-based care – and it is recognised that the quality of patient care is higher when there is participation in research.

Building a research and development culture is fundamental to improving the quality of care. As a collaboration we want to build a culture where research is embedded in routine clinical practice, and where research findings are regularly used to support improvements to the health and care services we provide.

Clinical research is the way in which we gather evidence to improve treatments for patients. Many people think it is just about drug trials, however it can include a variety of research. Promoting, conducting and using clinical research to improve healthcare is one of the key principles of the NHS – and the NHS Constitution for England pledges to inform patients of research studies in which they may be able to participate. The National Institute for Health Research wants patients and carers to feel empowered to ask about research, and to keep research at the top of the NHS England agenda.

Watch the video below to find out more about research.

Innovation is the process of turning creative ideas into something that generates value. An innovation in health and care might be a process, a service, a product or technology that results in better health, less harm and better experience for patients and service users with the same or with less use of resources. An innovation will be the outcome of a creative process of ideas generation, challenge, testing and evaluation that when implemented represents a step change on what has gone before. Find out more about innovation in health and care in this video introduction.