The ways in which we plan, buy and monitor health and care services can be very complicated, with many layers and priorities. But at its heart it’s about making sure the services we provide deliver the best outcomes while delivering value for money from the Northamptonshire pound.

We are going to focus on a more collaborative approach to planning and buying health and care services based on the needs of our communities and the outcomes we want to deliver for them. We will move away from the traditional models, in which commissioners enter into individual contracts with different providers to serve different needs and objectives.

In short we will work together to combine resources and assets to deliver one set of aims and outcomes – we will all look at the big picture together rather than individually.

So we are working on:

  • continuing to engage with our local community to understand their experiences of services and their local needs

  • agreeing the health and care outcomes we all want to deliver for our community and the services that need to be in place to achieve that

  • looking at ways to reduce unnecessary duplication in the services provided in Northamptonshire, for example where two different services are doing the same thing when it might be better for people to be able to access the service in one place

  • developing better ways of working together that help us all share the responsibility as health and care organisations

  • making our processes less complex by simplifying and reducing the number of contracts we have

  • being more efficient so we can reduce administration costs and focus more on delivering better health and care services