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Demand to see a GP in Northamptonshire is on the increase – and at the moment, our local GP workforce doesn’t have enough capacity to fully meet this demand.

A number of our GPs are approaching retirement and it is a challenge to recruit enough new ones locally to replace them. There are also gaps and differences in the care people receive around the county.

Another issue affecting Northamptonshire more than other similar areas of England is that more people are being admitted to hospital here when they should be getting the care they need in the community or at home.

So we are working on:

  • deciding how we can shape and bring together services more locally, in ways that are right for our neighbourhoods and natural communities

  • investing in general practice and changing the ways GPs work so they have more time to care for patients

  • prioritising initiatives to support the health, wellbeing and independence of local people

  • helping GPs, nurses and other care professionals refer people into local, non-clinical services provided by voluntary and community organisations to help them live well and stay well, for example leisure activities, social groups and healthy lifestyle support

  • developing a new range of care services for older patients so they don’t stay in hospital for longer than they need to and are supported to live independently at home

  • working together to make sure enough doctors, nurses and other health and care staff are recruited into the right services

  • forming stronger links with the voluntary and community sector and local government and improving access to the wide range of services they provide

  • ensuring our services are financially sustainable for the future

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