The first four transformation priorities for Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership are outlined below. In some parts of the county we are already starting work on these.

By outlining these four priorities, this does not mean there aren’t other areas in which we are working together differently.  We are very proud of the hard work of many of our colleagues who are truly transforming care in Northamptonshire, and they will continue to plan and deliver local improvements in our other areas of focus.

However, as a Partnership we must be realistic in our daily focus and how we jointly spend our time.  In the next few months and years we will progress to look at other areas of health and care until we have them all aligned across our organisations.

All of the Partnership organisations in Northamptonshire will continue to strive to provide the best possible health and social care for our community across all of our services. Sometimes this will be provided by our organisations individually and sometimes this will be through collaborative projects.  But as a Partnership, we must focus on our transformation priorities – where we feel we can make the most difference by working together to truly deliver a positive lifetime of health, wellbeing and care in our community.