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The way health and care professionals in Northamptonshire use the information they hold about you is changing.

Local providers of health and social care have a duty to keep complete, accurate and up-to-date information about your care to ensure you can receive the best possible treatment and support.

However, when these records need to be shared between different organisations this has previously had to be done via traditional methods such as secure post, fax or email, which can be slow and sometimes unreliable.

All this is about to change in Northamptonshire as we work to introduce a new process joining up your care records digitally so any professional who’s directly involved in your care can instantly access the information they need to support you. We’re calling this the Northamptonshire Care Record (NCR).

The information held about you in the Northamptonshire Care Record is the same as that which is already held about you by your GP or anyone else involved in your care. The difference is it will be accessible to health and care professionals instantly.

By modernising the way GPs, hospital specialists, nurses, social workers, psychologists, health visitors and other professionals access your records, we’re making it much quicker and easier for you to get the best possible care.

All information held in the Northamptonshire Care Record is completely secure and can only be seen by those who are directly involved in your care.

We don’t need you to do anything – but we want you to be aware of what’s happening while we work to get the Northamptonshire Care Record ready for use.

If you have any queries about the NCR you can access detailed frequently asked questions by clicking the ‘Information for patients’ button on the right. Alternatively you can contact the NCR team by clicking the ‘Ask a question’ button opposite.

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