Naomi Eisenstadt is the Independent Chair of Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership.

In this regularly updated space, she provides her views on ongoing developments within the health and social care system across the county.

Presenting a new series of video blogs, Naomi also explains our journey towards becoming a fully-fledged Integrated Care System (ICS).

Naomi’s video blog

November 2021

In her latest video blog on Northamptonshire’s Integrated Care System (ICS) journey, Naomi Eisenstadt discusses the appointment of Toby Sanders as the Northamptonshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) Designate Chief Executive, and how our ICS will be structured with a focus on delivering the health and care outcomes that matter most to our communities.

September 2021

Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership Independent Chair Naomi Eisenstadt delivers her latest vlog update on the county’s transformation towards Integrated Care System (ICS) status, discussing ambitions for her new role and that of the establishing Integrated Care Board.

July 2021

In her first video blog, Naomi takes a look at what the Integrated Care System journey will mean for Northamptonshire. The update addresses a range of issues, including:

  • An introduction to the Integrated Care System (ICS)
  • How our ICS will build on the successful partnership work that’s already happening in Northamptonshire
  • Latest progress with government legislation on Integrated Care Systems and what this means
  • What the changes will mean for health and care staff, as well as the people of Northamptonshire
  • What we are doing now to get ready for the move to ICS