How we want to continue to improve mental health services in Northamptonshire

All of us who are involved with delivering mental health services in Northamptonshire are ambitious to deliver better mental health outcomes for our residents.

Through continuing co-production and evaluation of the mental health care pathways with patients, service users and carers, we are working to ensure our services are developed in line with the following key principles:

Our long-term plan for mental health

We know we can really bring about true transformational change across our Integrated Care System by working together under an outcomes-based long-term mental health contract for Northamptonshire.

In this way, we are better equipped to deliver the following ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan for Mental Health:

• Increase flexible access to mental health services for all ages
• Improve ‘whole person’ support for mental health patients – including physical health
• Provide services closer to people’s homes
• Reduce suicide
• Reduce the stigma around mental health and ensure parity of care in all settings
• Improve prevention of mental illness, particularly in children and young people
• Continue to develop and improve care pathways for all ages
• Reduce out-of-area inpatient placements
• Implement new ‘Trauma Informed Service’ to create conditions that reduce harm and promote recovery for those who have experienced traumatic events
• Reduce health inequalities
• Further integrate the crisis response to mental health with all partners
• Provide suicide bereavement support
• Develop specialist clinics for rough sleepers and problem gamblers

The mental health long-term contract is our collective focus to bring about transformational change as our Northamptonshire Integrated Care System develops.