A young woman with learning disabilities takes part in an activity sessionThe NHCP Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism (MHLDA) programme has set out a three-year road map for the transformation of all-age learning disability and autism services in Northamptonshire.

The programme has a responsibility to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all vulnerable adults across a wide range of living activities and to ensure the provision of universal and specialist health care to improve the health of the whole community.

Part of these overarching responsibilities includes a commitment to a safe, healthy and more inclusive Northamptonshire where health and care professionals work with the people who use and deliver all kinds of services to help the county be a place that celebrates difference and enables equal citizenship.

Amy Brock, Assistant Director for Adult Services at West Northamptonshire Council and Pillar Lead for the NHCP MHLDA programme, said: “We know that people with a learning disability and autistic people have many skills, talents and aspirations that improve the social wellbeing of our communities where good integration has enabled active contributions to the vibrancy of a locality, as well as economic growth through employment and training. We want to make sure that people with a learning disability and autistic people can live as independently and safely as possible and have the best chance of long-term good health.

“To achieve these ambitions, our Integrated Care System will need to embed new ways of working and commission a provider landscape that focuses on progression and outcomes; developing early intervention and prevention models that reduce or defer the need for ongoing care; offering innovative housing options that allow individuals to flourish through ordinary life experiences.

“We recognise that while progress has been made in the county in relation to service provision, there remains work to be done. The redirection of resources and the impact of responding to COVID has limited the progression that has been made. As a system it is now time to reconvene our efforts and prioritise learning disability and autism transformation in Northamptonshire.”

Northamptonshire’s learning disability and autism programme has a shared and agreed vision, ‘ensuring the right support, in the right place and time to enable our learning disabled and autistic communities to have a meaningful and happy life from the outset and throughout’.

Click here to download the Northamptonshire Learning Disabilities and Autism Transformation Plan (opens in new window).