Professionals across Northamptonshire’s health and care system have worked together to shape the pillars of work for the iCAN programme.

The iCAN team is being set up with representation from all system partners to deliver the work, with a governance structure to hold the programme accountable for delivering real changes.

iCAN is a two-year programme divided into four clear phases:

1) Scope and engage (July – September 2020) Establishing clarity of the problem we are trying to solve and the performance measures we want to drive and sustain

2) Assess (September – October 2020) Building the data and evidence base for the programme, engaging with frontline teams, developing insights to drive action and improve care, and completing a full profile of the programme’s opportunities and benefits

3) Design (Spring 2021) Working with frontline staff to design the solutions to the biggest problems, testing and measuring impact until the solutions work, and delivering operational benefits in the design areas

4) Adopt and sustain (Summer 2021 onwards) Supporting local teams to adopt and sustain the solutions through new ways of working, and delivering the benefits of the programme county-wide