The four pillars

Initially, the first phase of the iCAN programme will be divided into four areas of transformation work, which we are calling the four iCAN pillars. These are described below and also illustrated in the image opposite.

Pillar 1 – Primary and community care Ensuring that frail people in the community receive the right care and support at the right time so they can live as independently as possible

Pillar 2 – Frailty Ensuring the right services are available with adequate capacity in the community so that frail patients are only admitted to hospital if they need an intervention that can only be delivered in hospital

Pillar 3 – Discharge Ensuring that patients in all acute hospital settings have in place the right care at the right time with access to the right services, so they can live as independently as possible when they leave hospital

Pillar 4 – Northamptonshire Adult Social Services Target Operating Model (NASS TOM) Ensuring that we transform social care to develop a community place-based service focusing on supporting people to maintain independence

Supporting better outcomes

To achieve the core aims of the iCAN programme across these four pillars, we also know what we want the aspirations to be for our patients and service users. These are shown in the diagram on the right. The first step is to quantify how far we will get towards these aspirations and by when.

Who is involved?

Working together through NHCP, iCAN is being funded and led jointly by NHS Northamptonshire Clinical Commissioning Group, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust, Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Northamptonshire County Council.

However, because the programme affects the entire Northamptonshire health and care sector, it will also be delivered in partnership with a range of wider partners, including general practice, the voluntary and community sector, local authority housing services, and more.