01 Jul 2021


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

LIVE: Writing for Wellbeing

Professional communities, such as the NHS and Social Care, have been celebrated by the wider public as a whole during the past 15 months or so of the pandemic, e.g. ‘Clap for Carers.’

But when was the last time YOU stopped to “pause for breath” in the whirlwind of a busy working life, to process and express your emotions, challenges and other experiences that are involved in caring for others?

Have you ever really acknowledged just how precious you really are – to those you care for, to your colleagues, to your families and friends?

In this interactive Writing for Wellbeing workshop, I aim to foster with you a space to do just that – to celebrate all that you do and all that you are, as people, as well as a part of a community of professionals.

We will do this using some enjoyable writing exercises, that can be used for personal wellbeing by contributing to your creativity and self-expression, as well as giving you ideas to use in your reflective practice at work.

The ethos of this type of writing is process rather than achieving a fully finished “product” – in refreshing contrast to academic writing, clinical or care plan writing at work where outcomes are everything!

Tonight, give yourself that much needed “permission to play” – with words and ideas, responding freely to a mix of multimedia writing prompts, such as quotes, images, fiction extracts, poetry and music. You will be invited to share some of your process and/or short extracts of your writing, confidentially in the group, if you wish to.

No special writing experience is needed – just a spirit of curiosity and participation!

The Writing for Wellbeing ‘mantra’ that I wish I had written, is: “Nothing you write is wrong; whatever you write is right for you.”

Meeting link: Writing for Wellbeing: Time to Celebrate Yourself and All that You Are!

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