The Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership exists to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Northamptonshire and the quality of care we provide to them.  To do this, the Partnership needs a framework to help plan, implement and monitor the changes it makes.

Partnership Board

  • Membership: Chief executives and other leads from all organisations
  • Role: To oversee the work of the Partnership

Strategic Executive Group

  • Membership: Chief executives of our health and care organisations and nominated leads for the Partnership’s areas of work
  • Role: To support the Partnership Board by developing and delivering the overall work of NHCP

Collaborative Stakeholder Forum

  • Membership: Representatives of staff, public and voluntary organisations
  • Role: To ensure the views of the public, patients, services users, the voluntary sector and local government are being properly considered, and advise the Partnership Board

Strategic Clinical Group

  • Membership: Clinical leads from all Partnership organisations
  • Role: To make sure our work will actually improve care for patients and service users

Strategic Finance Group

  • Membership: Finance leads from all Partnership organisations
  • Role: To ensure our work always makes the best use of the money we have available

Our first priorities for transforming our care are: