We want to make sure the language we use on this website is clear and easy to understand, and we have created this glossary to explain some of the words and terms which are commonly used to describe our local health and care services.

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  • Social care

    Social care is the care and support offered to people in need, including older people, at home or in care homes.
  • Social prescribing

    Social prescribing is a way of referring people with mental and physical health problems to a range of local, non-clinical services to help them take greater control of their health and wellbeing. Activities are often provided by voluntary and community organisations and can include leisure activities, social groups, exercise and healthy lifestyle advice and support
  • Specialist

    Specalist or specialty care is the care and treatment provided for specific conditions or groups of conditions. There are many different types of specialist care, but examples include cardiology (the treatment of heart disorders) and dermatology (the treatment of skin conditions).
  • Stakeholder

    Our stakeholders are the individuals, groups or organisations with a particular interest in our health and care services. Examples of our stakeholders are MPs, local councillors, patient and service-user advocacy groups, voluntary and charitable organisations, staff groups, partner organisations and many more.
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