Keep learning new skills and developing myself

Learning new skills can give you a sense of achievement and a new confidence.

You could try

  • Setting yourself a challenge you will enjoy achieving
  • Something new such as learning an instrument, how to fix a bike or photography
  • Take on a different responsibility at work
  • Read a book
  • Research something you’ve always wondered about
  • Learn a new word
  • Watch a Ted talk.

Or check out

Got an idea?

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Your story

I’m always learning new skills and techniques daily to improve my way of work with the horses. I always see new faces and meet new people with exciting stories and new ways of learning which I love.

The time I spend at the yard is solely for me and the horses. Being able to go riding allows me to improve myself and set targets to work towards for me and the horses. When I achieve these I can’t help but feel proud and excited.

I have embraced the development opportunities my employer has to offer including internal day courses, leadership development, internal and external conferences. It has allowed me to develop both the skills needed for my job as well as develop myself personally in terms of confidence and how I work with the people around me. It has given me the opportunity to meet people from other teams and find out more about what they do and learn from them as well.

I feel more confident having attended the training and I have a better sense of me and my strengths and areas of development. It allows me to step out of the day to day of deadlines and workload and focus on where I want to go and what I want to do. It also gives me the support to know there are other people in the organisation focusing on similar areas of development.

Playing the piano is my escapism from the real world. When things in work or home life become stressful, music allows me to express my emotions in a way that no words can really describe.  Learning how to play a piece allows me to set reachable goals and gain a new focus, refreshing my mind so i’m ready to tackle those important challenges in life.

At work I’ve made it part of my daily routine to take time out at lunchtime to complete (or try to complete!) a crossword. It’s only a small thing but I think it’s important to give yourself the chance to focus your mind on something other than work, even if it’s just for 10 minutes every day.

At work my mind is usually whirring with the things I have to do, and at busy times this can get a little bit stressful! Doing a crossword during my lunch break is a great way of focusing on something completely different for a short time – and because it requires all my brain power it keeps those work stresses at bay and helps to reset my brain for the rest of the day.

Try our crossword

A good way to keep learning is word puzzles. Check out our crossword below and give it a go!


1 – Watch
3 – Thanks
5 – Northamptonshire
8 – Wellbeing
9 – Way
11 – Notice
12 – Community
13 – Connect
14 – Give
16 – Talk
17 – Me
18 – Gratitude


1 – Walking
2 – Volunteer
4 – Learning
6 – Mindfulness
7 – Pledge
10 – Active
15 – Share
19 – Tea

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5 ways to wellbeing

Don’t forget – we are here if you need to talk

For support with depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions contact Changing Minds IAPT. Under 18? Visit CAMHS Live
For a range of other mental health support visit Mental Health Northants Collaboration or Northamptonshire Healthcare
Are you finding everyday tasks more difficult? Contact Supporting Independence.

Suicidal thoughts? Call 111 or the Samaritans on 116 123. You can also visit a Crisis Cafe – available across the county