Northamptonshire is making a major step forward this month with the first pilot areas going live with access to the Northamptonshire Care Record (NCR).

A significant amount of work has been undertaken to integrate our health and care systems and data with the NCR. The first live data flowing into the system is from the majority of general practices.

This will be followed by data from NHFT later in the month, with data from NGH and KGH following on shortly after. Work is under way to bring in data from EMAS for patients conveyed to acute hospitals in order to provide additional rich data to support patient care.

In addition, planning is underway to incorporate social care information within the holistic care record.

Access to the NCR will be rolled out gradually as wider datasets become available.

Professor Andrew Chilton, Chair of the Northamptonshire Care Record Programme Board, said: “The importance of the new Northamptonshire Care Record to the way we provide health and care services in our county is not to be underestimated – it’s a huge step forward.”

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