Northamptonshire’s Learning Disability and Autism Transformation Plan supports 12 key principles, which have been developed by listening to people with a learning disability and autistic people, their carers and families, and staff.

The principles also respond to national expectations set out by NHS England and NHS Improvement and other national partners, and are set out as follows:

1. Changing Culture to assert equal rights, equal access and equal citizenship

2. Embedding a better understanding that challenging behaviour is not a diagnosis

3. Being explicit in provider contracts about the expectations of service provision

4. Building the right community-based services to enable ordinary lives

5. Ensuring services are responsive to a range of needs, including escalating need, and at different transition (change) points

6. Increasing the numbers of multi-disciplinary and multi-professional discussions focusing on finding solutions to difficult situations

7. Embedding a better understanding of the negative impact of inappropriate or oppressive care arrangements, and empowering the system to challenge them

8. Reducing over prescribing and inappropriately prescribed anti-psychotic medication

9. Ensuring more people with a learning disability and autistic people receive an annual health check; identifying health problems early

10. Reducing premature mortality in people with a learning disability and autistic people due to diagnostic over shadowing or ‘missed’ symptoms

11. Further educating and challenging our local system and services to prevent exclusion by making legally required reasonable adjustments for people with a learning disability

12. Improving outcomes for people with a learning disability and autistic people working as one system for a shared population who have changeable lifetime needs; doing better at focussing on the outcomes that matter to people.