Northamptonshire’s Population Health Board Health Inequalities sub-group has developed an online toolkit of resources to support colleagues across our health and care system to understand and address health inequalities.

Health inequalities are ‘unfair and avoidable differences in health across populations and between different groups within society’ (The King’s Fund 2020).

The unequal distribution of the social factors which affect our health – such as education, housing and employment – drives inequalities in physical and mental health, reduces people’s ability to prevent sickness, or to get treatment when ill health occurs.

Addressing health inequalities is a core principle behind the establishment of Integrated Care Systems (ICS) and new ways of working. Reducing health inequalities is therefore a key factor in all work conducted within the ICS – it is everyone’s business and should run through all work programmes at all levels as a “golden thread”.

Northamptonshire’s new health inequalities online toolkit has been created to enable colleagues to understand and address health inequalities in your work and to support achievement of the ICS and national objectives to reduce health inequalities.

It includes training; data and insights; links to key information resources and how-to guides; and templates, such as equity audits and impact assessments.

The toolkit can be accessed online here.