Since launching in April 2021, Northamptonshire’s three-year community mental health services transformation programme has already achieved significant milestones.Community Mental Health Transformation at work

The transformation, which is being led by the outcomes pillar of NHCP’s Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism programme, seeks to form more localised, personalised and joined-up care for communities. NHS England and NHS Improvement have created a five-minute video that shows how this work aligns nationally.

Primary Care Liaison Workers (PCLWs) and Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) have merged to create nine smaller CMHTs, and two central Locality Teams are now in place in Northamptonshire. Teams are working closely with service users and GPs to provide more localised care for our communities.

Colleagues within CMHTs have undertaken a wide-range of training workshops to ensure that they are developing skills and expanding their knowledge to support service users.

This includes Mental Health Act Administration training and STORM training. Workshops offer psychological skills training, for example Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) skills for depression, Trauma Focused CBT, OCD, Exposure Therapy and more.

Psychology colleagues will be offering group supervision sessions and CBT to help colleagues maintain and enhance psychological skills. Programme leads are also increasing the offer of evidence-based psychological interventions to people with senior mental illness diagnoses.

Recruitment is ongoing for new colleagues, with roles planned for 2022/23 being brought forward to 2021/22 to support service delivery.

All teams have received peer support training and are ready to welcome our newly trained IMROC peer support colleagues on placement, prior to their anticipated recruitment in our CMHTs. Colleagues are continuing streamline pathways for service users, and colleagues referring into the service. The aim is to minimise repeated assessments across services, working collaboratively to develop meaningful care plans. The pathways work will be co-produced before any changes are implemented.

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