The importance of collaboration in delivering better care for our communities has been set out in a new video from the NHCP Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism (MHLDA) programme.Screen grab of a meeting from the MHLDA video

In the video, key leads from the programme explain why a collaborative approach is vital to ensure improvements can be planned and delivered across organisational boundaries, filling gaps between services and pathways and providing the best possible care for the population of Northamptonshire.

It also describes how collaboration in mental health, learning disability and autism has enabled NHS providers, primary care and the voluntary and community sector to work successfully together with service users and carers over a number of years to really make a difference.

Anne Rackham, Senior Responsible Officer for the MHLDA Programme, said the programme’s collaborative approach had been quite some time in the making.

She said: “We’ve been on quite a journey in the county. We took a step that felt like quite a brave step at the time but it is probably the best step we’ve taken.

“I don’t see a way of developing and sustaining our communities without working together. As we move into the future our focus remains on getting really good outcomes and making a difference in our population.”

Morgan Price, MHLDA Programme Manager, said: “All a collaborative actually is in practice is just a number of system partners and stakeholders coming round a table and saying, ‘we all share a common goal here’.

“We’re not going to be able to do this by adjusting the edges of our services and adjusting the edges of our pathways. We need to become a collaborative and start adjusting the gaps in our system as a whole.”

Dr Nathan Spencer, a county GP and Clinical Lead for the MHLDA Programme, added: “I’m absolutely passionate about the people I’m working with. We all have the same values and for me that’s the key thing. I’m not going to say it’s been really easy all the way, but the levels of work that have been put in to get us to where we are now is just invaluable.”

Follow this link to watch the video now.