Northamptonshire Health and Care Careers Academy offers a resource for prospective colleagues and students exploring health and social care career opportunities.

The one-stop shop website brings together partner organisations, such as NHS trusts, GP practices and voluntary services. It showcases opportunity and reflects the joined-up approach of our move to full Integrated Care System (ICS) status.

Choosing post-16 education is a difficult task for young people. While the Careers Academy can’t decide for them, it provides detailed overviews of apprenticeships, volunteering, T Levels and getting experience.

This support is supplemented by a section for teachers and career advisors. Aligned with national benchmarks, the Careers Academy links subjects to employment opportunities and facilitates contact between employers and employees. This helps to filter the Academy’s work into classrooms.

Careers Academy has been organised to engage stakeholders. It features intuitive page mapping, guiding viewers seamlessly through the array of options available. Visitors will encounter case studies, mythbusting videos, links to resources and more, addressing any concerns and showcasing the value of careers in health and social care.

Following a soft launch, the Careers Academy is undergoing a review to further enhance its offering.

To discover the Careers Academy, click here.