Preparations are continuing in Northamptonshire to be ready for full Integrated Care System (ICS) status by April 2022, formalising the joint working arrangements already established for health and care in our county and simplifying partnership working and decision making.

Subject to government legislation, Northamptonshire Clinical Commissioning Group will be disestablished at the end of March 2022 and two new statutory bodies will come into effect: an Integrated Care Board (ICB) to oversee local NHS functions and working closely with an Integrated Care Partnership of wider health and care organisations. Within our new ICS structure, organisations and providers will come together as ‘collaboratives’ to join-up and improve local services, with an initial focus on NHCP’s four transformation priority areas: mental health, learning disability and autism; elective care; children and young people; and services for older people (iCAN).

There will also be a focus on making sure local health and care services are delivered according to the needs of our communities, both at ‘place’ level (in areas aligned with our new unitary council boundaries) and even more locally at neighbourhood (or ‘sub-place’) level.

All this activity will be guided by a clear ‘outcomes framework’ which will ensure local priorities are always shaped around what matters most to our population, providing the best possible outcomes for people’s health and quality of life. Further information about the planned structure for our fully-formed Integrated Care System is provided below and in our ICB Chair Designate Naomi Eisenstadt’s latest video blog. Naming conventions for the various levels of the ICS structure are currently being agreed and further details will be shared in future editions of Partnership Update.

ICS structure grid