Senior health and care professionals in Northamptonshire are benefiting from a new training programme to support improved care and outcomes for local people living with frailty.

Forming part of NHCP’s Integrated Care Across Northamptonshire (iCAN) programme, experts in frailty care from across the system deliver sessions in partnership with the University of Northampton. The ‘Improving Frailty Outcomes’ training module is designed to provide senior managers across all health and care professions with effective leadership frailty training. The course aims to equip learners with the knowledge to drive system change through broadening their professional awareness and understanding of frailty and building confidence in managing complexity for frail individuals.

The training covers a wide range of topics, with each session aligning to the Skills for Health frailty capabilities framework. Senior managers gain an understanding of what frailty means, while becoming more familiar with the processes of identification and assessment of frailty. There is also a focus on managing cases of frailty effectively through shared decision-making and system leadership. The course also covers the role of personalised care planning for people with frailty individuals, alongside the broader topic of embedding transformation across the system.

Each topic aims to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for people with frailty in our county. By exploring the founding basis of frailty, learners will be able to identify and assess its impact on the patient and their carers. This knowledge empowers senior managers to identify frailty markers early, ensuring that patients receive timely intervention that facilitates healthy aging and the ability to engage in important, meaningful activities. Building on these crucial foundations, attendees develop the necessary expertise in leadership and collaboration to plan and deliver system-wide approaches that meet the needs of the frailty pathway, from prevention to end of life.

“Frailty is a complex and multidimensional problem, however, it can often be reversed or reduced by early detection and implementing appropriate interventions,” says Dr Roshni Khatri of the University of Northampton, who leads the training module. “Learning through the module will enable healthcare professionals to reduce hospital admissions, as recent analysis suggests population aging contributes directly to the national increase in emergency admissions. My team and I are delighted to deliver this hugely important training.”

The first cohort of senior managers are currently undertaking the iCAN and University of Northampton frailty training programme, while a second group will commence in October 2021. Course leaders continue to monitor the evolution of modules, extending the training and development of our county’s frailty leaders.