Naomi Eisenstadt, Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership’s Independent Chair, has begun a new series of video blogs explaining our journey towards becoming a fully-fledged Integrated Care System (ICS).

Every area in England is working towards becoming a statutory ICS by April 2022. Here in Northamptonshire this will strengthen our existing local commitment as a partnership of health and care organisations to supporting our population to live healthy lives and get the care and support they need, when they need it.

In this first video blog, available to view now on the NHCP website, Naomi takes a look at what the ICS journey will mean for Northamptonshire, addressing a range of issues including:

  • An introduction to the Integrated Care System
  • How our ICS will build on the successful partnership work that’s already happening in Northamptonshire
  • Latest progress with government legislation on Integrated Care Systems and what this means
  • What the changes will mean for health and care staff and for the people of Northamptonshire
  • What we are doing now to get ready for the move to ICS

As well as reflecting on the purpose of the ICS – to improve health for all, reduce inequalities in health outcomes, make the best use of public money, and contribute to the economic and social development of the area – Naomi shares her hopes that the ICS will lead to a more joined up experience of health and care for Northamptonshire people, and gives examples of some of the work that’s already in progress to achieve this aim.

To watch Naomi’s first ‘View from the Chair’ video blog, visit