The THRIVE Framework

Improving health and wellbeing outcomes for the children and young people of Northamptonshire is a priority for NHCP.

NHCP’s Children and Young People Transformation Board has adopted the THRIVE Framework to underpin the programme vision to deliver collaborative innovation of services in Northamptonshire.

The THRIVE Framework is an evidence-based model highlighted within the NHS Long Term Plan, and it is already embraced by other Integrated Care Systems in England as the basis for transformation plans in many children’s and young people’s services.

Based on neuroscience, attachment and childhood development theory, the concept keeps the voice of the child and their parents or carers at the centre of innovative service design, with a focus on prevention and promotion as well as more targeted response to need or risk.

The THRIVE Framework can be applied to any child, young person or family to illustrate what support they may benefit from in order to THRIVE. Most children in the UK are thriving, which means that they consider themselves to be healthy, achieving well in education, and able to participate in social activity that they enjoy.

However, at times throughout each childhood, children are likely to experience the usual ups and downs of life, and sometimes more significant adverse experiences such as bereavement or the effects of poor mental health. When this happens the child might benefit from a range of supportive interventions, and the systems working with children and young people can use the framework to understand from needs-based assessment what is best suited to help them to thrive.

The illustration above right demonstrates how the framework wraps around the child, and works in partnership with them and their family to find the best intervention for them. The Children and Young People Transformation Programme will promote positive outcomes using the THRIVE framework to help services know how to be, and what to do in response to differing needs.

Meanwhile, prevention and promotion are embedded throughout the framework to support every child to thrive.

The programme’s next phase towards maturity will consider the population health and experience of children, young people and their families in Northamptonshire to identify priority areas for transformation.