Northamptonshire’s mental health stakeholders have consolidated their programme management function.

This has involved a secondment for Northamptonshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s Mental Health Commissioner into a new system-wide role, as well as additional programme support staff and a Programme Director to steer and deliver against national and local ambitions for mental health.

One of the key ambitions for mental health in 2021/22 will be the development and implementation of an outcomes-based collaborative contract for all mental health quality and performance delivery.

This will include delivery of all the ambitions of the NHS Long-Term Plan, patient-reported outcome and experience measures, and system outcome measures.

It will be delivered via a formal Collaborative of stakeholders and partners, and sit within the new Integrated Care System architecture. Whilst this has been in the planning for several years, system partners and leaders have accelerated the delivery planning with a view to going live in 2021/22.

This comes at an opportune time for mental health, with national planning guidance having published intentions for significant funding for expansion and quality improvement across the 11 Long-Term Plan workstreams for mental health.

This will be crucial to allowing us to realise the vision of resilient child and adolescent mental health services, more opportunities for mental health interventions in primary care, and to progress our plans for mental health delivered ‘at place’ across Northamptonshire.