Having received Integrated Care System (ICS) designation in April, Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership is continuing to develop plans for Northamptonshire’s emerging system, taking into account the recently published White Paper and the ongoing response and recovery from COVID-19.

Among other things, the White Paper sets out proposals which will foster greater collaboration and partnership within systems – with the intention of providing significantly more joined-up health and care experiences for citizens. This presents an exciting opportunity to improve outcomes for our communities through working more closely together.

NHCP is committed to putting in place the core components of the ICS by April 2022. In order to achieve this goal, we need to have designed the key elements of the system (and the
interactions between them) by the summer, for further iteration, testing and implementation in the second half of 2021.

We are therefore embarking on an intensive design project, which will consider questions including:

  • The overall ‘shape’ of the system – including what activities are best undertaken once across the county, and which should be more local
  • How county-wide ICS structures should relate to our two ‘Places’ in North and West Northamptonshire, including their links to local authority services
  • How providers of care (NHS, local authority and others) can best work together around the needs of our populations

In tackling these questions, we will be building on the wide range of good work which has already been undertaken, and involving partners across the county. Watch out for updates on this work
and what it means for Northamptonshire in the coming weeks.