NHCP’s new ICS Elective Care Executive Board met for the first time in March to discuss a refreshed strategic approach to delivering better elective (planned) care in Northamptonshire in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

During the meeting on Tuesday 23 March, Polly Grimmett (Director of Strategy at KGH) was confirmed as Chair of the Elective Care Board and Dr Azhar Ali (GP Clinical Lead at Northamptonshire CCG) was confirmed as Clinical Lead.

During the session, a number of key challenges were set out – including the reduction in elective procedures and the increase in wait times resulting from COVID pressures on our health and care system. 2020 saw unprecedented disruption to elective activity across the country.

The meeting also highlighted the need to build on lessons learned from COVID, reduce health inequalities and identify new approaches to the delivery of elective care to meet the needs of our growing population.

Over the last six months a system elective operational group has been meeting regularly and included the Northamptonshire independent sector, to ensure patients were able to recieve treatment when required.

NHCP’s Elective Care Board will co-ordinate the way our health and care system works in partnership to collectively address these challenges and opportunities, bringing together colleagues from primary care, our acute hospitals, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, East Midlands Ambulance Service, Northamptonshire CCG, the independent sector and our regulators NHS England and NHS Improvement.

As well as defining the key priorities for maintaining and improving elective care in Northamptonshire, the Board’s role is to ensure this aligns with NHCP’s other Integrated Care System priorities and areas of work, as well as regional and national priorities.