At the start of March 2020, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT) and mental health charity, Mind, launched the 24/7 mental health support number for people across Northamptonshire.

Within the first month, more than 3,659 calls were made to the number, which is designed to be the only number you need to call for mental health support in the county.

Anne Rackham, Director of Mental Health at NHFT and NHCP’s Mental Health Lead, said: “Looking back on the first year of the Mental Health Number, we could not have predicted how integral this single point of access would become to mental health services in Northamptonshire.

“Working alongside our partners, Mind, the team provides vital mental health support to more than 300 calls each day. Please know that if you are struggling with your mental health – we are here to help, any time, any day.”

Central Services Director for Northamptonshire Mind, Nigel Mansfield, said: “These have been challenging times for many people in our communities and for organisations which have been supporting the mental health needs of thousands of people across the county.

“The first year of the 24/7 mental health number has seen more than 70,000 calls, which perfectly illustrates how crucial this single access point has been in supporting people with their mental health. We would urge anyone who needs our support to get in touch – you are not alone.”

NHFT and Mind continue to work in collaboration to provide mental health support to people across Northamptonshire, operating drop in cafes for anyone who is facing a crisis.

With locations across the county and extended opening times, trained colleagues are on hand to offer confidential advice and support.

Anyone in Northamptonshire can reach mental health support at any time by calling this number: 0800 448 0828. Please also visit for more information.