2020 was a difficult and challenging year for everybody – not least those of us working in the health and care sector.

But as we begin a new year and look ahead to 2021, it’s also important to reflect positively on the 12 months just gone and acknowledge the ways in which the coronavirus pandemic has brought us closer together as a system and a community.

The need to respond quickly, effectively and decisively to the COVID-19 threat meant that genuine partnership working was absolutely essential – and as a collective we were much better equipped to deliver the best possible care and support for the people we serve than we could ever have done as individual organisations.

The #NorthantsTogether campaign really sums up the togetherness that was, and continues to be, in evidence throughout our county.

It can be seen in the COVID-19 signage in our towns and villages, in the information leaflets that have been delivered to every household in Northamptonshire, and has been viewed millions of times on social media in recent months.

And #NorthantsTogether is everyone’s campaign – not just our health and care organisations but our emergency services, local authorities, educational establishments, voluntary and community organisations, and the general public.

The image (right) is a summary of just a handful of the highlights from the #NorthantsTogether campaign, from countywide partnership action through to small but powerful acts of individual kindness. Click the image to enlarge.