Senior nurses representing a wide range of services and local providers have begun a six-month infection prevention and control course with the Royal College of Nursing.

The unique online course will bolster the existing knowledge and training of Northamptonshire’s nurse leaders, supporting them to enhance existing infection prevention measures and promote best practice throughout their organisations.

So far the nurses have gained increased knowledge and an appreciation for the complexities associated with different types of infections. The course gives participants access to a virtual laboratory where they can follow a specimen into the laboratory and witness how bacteria grows.

The nurses will be expected to work together and to focus on improvement projects that will improve infection prevention and control, benefiting the whole Northamptonshire health and care system.

On the course there are nurses and midwives from Kettering General Hospital, Northampton General Hospital, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, St Andrew’s Healthcare and NHS Northamptonshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). They represent a range of services including including ITU, A&E, midwifery, children’s services, care of the elderly, mental health, community care and those in infection prevention and control roles.

Angela Dempsey, Chief Nurse and Quality Officer for Northamptonshire CCG, said: “Our first cohort of nurses will complete this programme in March and our second cohort will commence their programmes in January. This is so exciting for Northamptonshire and for our nursing workforce.”