Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership has received an award at this year’s Healthcare People Management Association (HPMA) Patchwork Awards.

The award in the HR Analytics category recognised ‘The importance of data and information sharing’ project, which centred on the need for workforce information to be shared across our health and care system amongst all providers.

In 2019, Northamptonshire was one of the first systems regionally to enter a workforce data sharing agreement allowing the workforce team to compile dashboards on retention, engagement, wellbeing and placement capacity across providers.

Ben Manser, Strategic Workforce Planner at NHCP said: “Being able to collate and use intelligence in this way is particularly important to ensure we can plan effectively for workforce supply, respond quickly to risk, and show how effective workforce initiatives are. What is unique is where we are in Northamptonshire now in terms of projects like placement capacity planning, working in partnership with the trusts, primary care and the University of Northampton because of the data we have all agreed to share.

“The system intelligence not only highlights areas of risk but gives us ability to respond and look into areas for opportunity and growth. This particularly came to the forefront over the last nine months through the COVID workforce cell, where we were able to use the types of dashboard this award recognises to track absence on a daily basis, and put in place interventions where high levels of risk were highlighted, such as brokering conversations in primary care to support workforce gaps based on a daily tracker, RAG rating the position down to general practice level.

“The project could not have been successful without the co-operation of workforce leads from all system partners and the approach will now continue to support the objectives of Northamptonshire’s People agenda.”

Chris Oakes, Chair of the Northamptonshire People Board, adds: “Being able to convert workforce data from an organisation level, up to a system wide view has provided us with invaluable insight that forms the basis of our discussions in the People Board, and going forward will be essential in being able to evidence our impact through delivery of our People Plan.”

This year’s award ceremony took place virtually on 1 October, to watch the winning announcement click here: