Businesses across Northamptonshire are being urged to follow government guidelines to ensure they play their role in helping to prevent the spread of coronavirus in our communities.

Government regulations to tackle the virus came into force on 23 March, limiting activities or closing premises, and many of these remain in place today, with limited premises being given permission to reopen.

Those which can remain open, including supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations, post offices, banks, garden centres and takeaways, are expected to help staff and customers to adhere to the rules on social distancing.

Guidance is available for businesses across a range of sectors on how to safeguard employees, contractors and customers. The guidance includes advice on social distancing, PPE, cleaning and sanitising and various other important aspects of keeping the workplace safe. Workplaces are being urged to use this information to ensure they are keeping to regulations and providing a safe environment for staff and visitors. The guidance can be found here.

Additionally, Environmental Health and Licensing teams at district and borough councils across the county continue to work with Northamptonshire Police to ask businesses to keep up the fight on coronavirus by taking appropriate actions to keep staff and customers safe.

Business owners are also being offered guidance and advice to help them implement the new regulations, and this can be found on local District or Borough Council websites, or by contacting their local Environmental Health and Licensing team directly. Businesses can also visit their local council website for information about the range of financial support that is available to them during this period.

Environmental Health and Licensing officers from across Northamptonshire are continuing to carry out monitoring visits on sites across the county. Businesses which are found to be in breach of regulations are reminded that officers have the power to take enforcement action relating to premises which fail to comply.

Lucy Wightman, Director of Public Health (Northamptonshire), said:

“I appreciate this continues to be a challenging time for many workplaces and businesses and know many employers are working hard to ensure they create safe environments for staff and customers. There is guidance on the government website on social distancing, which provides advice on issues such as introducing one-way systems in shops, modifying storage areas for employee’s items and introducing screens between staff members.

“Social distancing is something we want to encourage businesses to pay particular attention to. Our environmental health colleagues across the Borough and District councils, are on hand to support local businesses to operate in a safe and legal manner. I would encourage workplaces to make use of this resource and continue to behave responsibly in their response to the Coronavirus pandemic.”

A full list of business premises which should be closed, together with information on the measures businesses which are still open should follow, can be found at

Businesses can reach their local Environmental Health & Licensing team on the following email addresses: