The number of women experiencing perinatal mental illness is increasing, with research showing up to 20% of women developing a mental health problem during pregnancy or within a year of giving birth.

Perinatal mental health covers a wide range of conditions and if left untreated mental health issues can have significant and long-lasting effects on the woman, the child, and the wider family. GPs play a key role in detecting and treating mental illness as they are often the first point of call for many people and can support with early intervention, which is why NHFT’s Specialist Perinatal Mental Health team brought together trainee GPs from across Northamptonshire and supportive organisations at a conference to raise awareness about Perinatal Mental Health and the issues surrounding it.

The conference was held on Wednesday 5 February 2020 at the Park Inn, Northampton and was attended by over 110 people with over 80 of these attendees being trainee GPs from both the Northampton and Kettering training scheme. Dr Kate Price, Lead Perintal Engagement Worker at NHFT said:

“I am so glad the event went so well. Having suffered perinatal mental illness myself and being a GP, not long out of training, I know how important it is for GPs to be ‘clued up’ on the topic and able to respond in a timely, informed and sensitive way when presented with someone suffering with perinatal mental illness or their families.”

For full details of the event and an overview of the speakers please click here.

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