Leading across our health and care system is a key way for us to make things happen as we work together towards Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership’s mission to empower positive futures for everyone.

In March 2020, the Local Workforce Action Board (LWAB) will be launching the NHCP Leading in Partnership programme. This has been developed and designed to support particularly those working on priority programmes across organisational boundaries.

Chris Oakes, Chair of LWAB and joint workforce lead for NHCP, said: “We need to approach how we support those working across organisational boundaries differently, and part of this includes investing in leadership development. Leadership exists at all levels and this programme recognises just that, supporting our senior responsible officers (SROs) to build capacity and capability within their programme teams.”

Taking the best elements of the current leadership programme that LWAB implemented in August 2019 for Primary Care Network (PCN) Clinical Directors, the NHCP workforce team have refined this programme with a renewed focus on NHCP’s mission and values to support delivery of our future vision.

Reflecting on the success of the PCN leadership programme, Dr Catherine Massey, Clinical Director of Grand Union PCN in Northampton, said: “These sessions have been invaluable in helping me develop my skills as a clinical leader, and also to provide the time and space to come together as a countywide group of PCN Clinical Directors. We have formed a strong, supportive, cohesive group which I sincerely hope will help make PCNs successful for patients and healthcare services alike.”

As supporting frailty is a key priority for NHCP, this resource will be aligned to the frailty programmes starting in March 2020. The leadership programme builds skills in negotiating and influencing, holding challenging conversations, and coaching and leading cross-boundary teams. The ultimate aim is to bring together our teams in a skills-based development initiative that will support them and build leadership capacity through the work they are doing.

Julie Curtis, Director of Primary and Community Integration and SRO for Frailty, added: “This programme is essential for giving individuals time out to develop not just the skills needed for effective leadership, but also to cultivate relationships across the various teams as they form new ways of working together.”

Initially participants will be nominated by workstream SROs or programme leads; however, if you are interested in being part of this new initiative or would like more information, please contact Anne Linsell, NHCP lead for organisational development, by emailing: organisationaldevelopment@nhft.nhs.uk