Health and care organisations in Northamptonshire are working together in a new way to tackle some of the biggest health issues facing our county.

The Population Health Programme Board has been established to explore how communities can be supported to lead healthier lives and reduce inequalities in the health outcomes that different people experience.

‘Population health’ is an approach aimed at improving the health of an entire population. It includes actions to reduce ill-health and address some of the issues that cause ill-health (e.g. living environments and unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise), and involves bringing together health, wellbeing and social care data to determine where these actions could be prioritised.

The role of Northamptonshire’s new Population Health Programme Board is to develop a county-wide approach to population health management. This involves organisations working together to use the data they each gather in a more joined-up way – making it easier to identify those most at risk of ill-health and to plan ways to improve the care, support and prevention services they can access.

Currently, with support from Public Health England, a mapping exercise is under way to understand the skills and capacity that’s available locally for analysing data.

Alongside this, a free development programme has been launched to give analysts further insight into population health management, while a population health leadership programme for local health and care leaders and a training programme for key members of the Population Health Programme Board are to be launched in 2020.

The King’s Fund has produced an animation explaining population health and the role we can all play in supporting our communities to be healthy. Click here to watch.

For more information on population health and the associated approaches in Northamptonshire, please contact Lucy Wightman, Director of Population Health Strategy for Northamptonshire CCGs at: