Northamptonshire has taken a big step forward in its journey to modernise the way patient records are shared digitally between health and care professionals – after a provider was confirmed to deliver an integrated care record for the county.

The Northamptonshire Care Record (NCR) will be a single unified system enabling NHS and social care staff to access and share patient records quickly and easily. Following a successful open procurement process NHCP has appointed Graphnet Health Ltd, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of integrated care record software to the NHS and care services, to provide the NCR.

Graphnet has already provided integrated care records to over 40 other areas across the country, including Thames Valley, Buckinghamshire, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Cheshire, Poole and Berkshire.

The contract for Northamptonshire was signed on 28 January and now Graphnet will work closely with the county’s health and care organisations, through NHCP, to take the project forward at pace over the coming months.

The NCR will modernise the way health and care professionals access and share the information they need to make decisions about patient care. Instead of individual organisations holding care information that isn’t readily available to all the teams involved in providing care, the new system will give professionals instant access to important patient data.

Not only will this make life easier for patients, who will no longer have to keep repeating their stories whenever they use different NHS and social care services, but it will also make it easier for professionals to do their jobs and provide the safest care possible.

The importance of integrated care records is outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan at national level and is a local priority set out in the new Northamptonshire Health, Care and Wellbeing Plan. It is also a change we know people in Northamptonshire would like to see, with the need to improve the flow of care information and joined-up care between services identified as key ‘Big Ideas’ through our engagement with local communities.

As well as confirming Graphnet as the provider of the NCR, NHCP has appointed a digital transformation lead, Kirstie Watson, who is responsible for its smooth implementation across all local health and care organisations.

Look out for further updates about the Northamptonshire Care Record on the NHCP website and in future editions of Partnership Update.

This work responds to the ‘Information’ and ‘Personalised Care’ categories of our community’s Big Ideas for the future of local health and care