Northamptonshire Carers’ 2019 Annual General Meeting had a very different look and feel to an ordinary AGM, with carers from across the county given the opportunity to make their voices heard.

The special Carers Voice event, supported by NHCP and held to coincide with Carers Rights Day, was attended by around 70 carers representing a range of different ages, backgrounds and experiences.

After the usual business of an AGM was dealt with, the floor was opened for an in-depth engagement session, focusing on the needs of the carer and inviting attendees to discuss their experiences, what services mattered to them and what support they felt was needed in the future.

Around one in eight adults are carers in the UK and there are more than 70,000 known carers in Northamptonshire alone. During the session, facilitators supported different carer groups to start the conversation and record key
discussion points.

These will be assessed and used by Northamptonshire Carers to help inform the planning and delivery of local health and care services affecting carers and the people they care for.

Northamptonshire Carers chief executive Mark Major said: “It’s really important to get the carers’ voices heard and to understand from real people what their wants and needs are and how we can help them. The feedback will help us to plan services as an organisation and, just as importantly, to share with the wider health and social care system.”

This work responds to the ‘Engagement’ and ‘Carers’ categories of our community’s Big Ideas for the future of local health and care