Kettering General Hospital

Kettering General Hospital’s bid for a £46m Urgent Care Hub for North Northamptonshire has been approved by
the Government.

The announcement was made in Parliament by Health Minister Edward Argar MP, who praised the hard work of staff at the hospital and cited the compelling case set out by the KGH team for a new development.

He said that the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England would be in touch with the trust to enable work on the project to proceed as swiftly as possible.

Kettering General Hospital’s Chief Executive, Simon Weldon, said: “This is fantastic news for the people of North Northamptonshire and for the staff at our hospital.

“Building an Urgent Care Hub is exactly what we need to address the significant growing demand for emergency care in an area that is one of the fastest growing in England in terms of population and housing.

“Our existing A&E department was designed for 40,000 people 25 years ago and this year is set to see 100,000.

“As a result it is often over crowded leading to clinical, patient flow and privacy and dignity issues and a poor working environment for staff.

“The Urgent Care Hub is designed to address all of that and enable local people to access the appropriate services for their needs in one key location.”

The Urgent Care Hub concept for North Northamptonshire was developed by Kettering General Hospital in close cooperation with its health and social care partners.

It will enable local people to access GP, mental health and A&E services appropriately all under one roof ensuring people see the right clinician, in the right place, first time.

Kettering General Hospital’s Chief Operating Officer, Jo Fawcus, said: “When it is complete this development will have enormous benefits for local people and for hospital

“It will be a high quality purpose-built unit which can help us improve patient flow and address all of our privacy, dignity concerns and space issues.

“It will support appropriate care for patients with people being directed to the right clinicians for their need whether that be GPs, mental health professionals or specialist hospital staff.

“It will be a shining example of healthcare professionals – from many different disciplines – working together under one roof to provide the right care for our patients in a quick and appropriate way.”