Dr Az Ali

People living with lung conditions in Northamptonshire are being supported to receive better and more joined-up care under a newly launched Partnership initiative.

Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership is working with National Services for Health Improvement (NSHI) to provide targeted support for local GP practices and help them improve the care they provide to patients with
respiratory illness.

The initiative sees a team of respiratory nurse specialists from NSHI meet patients at their own GP practice to review their respiratory condition and the treatment they are receiving.

The aim of these consultations is to improve the clinical care being offered to each patient by following NHS guidelines, confirming their disease diagnosis and, where appropriate, referring them to additional support services available locally.

This might include a referral to pulmonary rehabilitation, which is proven to have a very positive effect on patients’
general wellbeing.

Additionally, the specialist nurses provide education, training and mentorship to GP practice staff to ensure delivery of the best care for people with respiratory illness.

So far through this targeted approach, 14 practices across Northamptonshire have been supported to improve their asthma care and 11 practices for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

More than 100 patients have undertaken reviews since the initiative was launched in May 2019.

Az Ali, NHCP’s clinical lead for respiratory care (pictured right), said: “We want everyone to be able to live the healthiest life they can, wherever they live in the county.

“When compared to other areas of the country with a similar population, patients with respiratory diseases in Northampton tend to have poorer health and higher rates of hospital admission for their chest problems.

“We know we can do more to improve the health and healthcare of our respiratory patients and, to help us achieve this goal, we have entered into a collaborative partnership with NSHI, who will help us deliver our objectives.”

This new initiative is one of a number of areas of work being undertaken in Northamptonshire to improve local respiratory services. For more information about the programme, click here.

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