Pregnant women will have more influence over the care and support they receive thanks to the introduction of the Personalised Care Plan (PCP) to Northamptonshire.

PCPs are completed and owned by women individually, and enable them to set out their values, priorities, expectations and concerns about their maternity journeys before, during and after they give birth.

Launched in our county this summer, Northamptonshire’s PCP template has been developed through engagement with maternity service users as well as midwives, health visitors, obstetricians and local maternity care leaders.

Bengali, Romanian, Lithuanian and Polish-language versions will also be available and electronic versions of PCPs are set to be developed as an option for women if they prefer.

Anne Richley, Northamptonshire Maternity Services Implementation Lead, said: “Every woman is free to make choices about her own pregnancy and childbirth, even if her caregivers do not agree with her. What is important is that she has evidence-based information, rather than opinion, on which to make her choices.

“The PCPs will provide a tool for women to document and share what is important to them about the care they receive and the decisions they make.

“They also give women opportunities to identify, at different stages of their pregnancy, if they need more information in order to make choices.”

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