Pregnant women in Northamptonshire can now access all the information they need in one place following the launch of a new one-stop website for local maternity services.

The new NHS Northamptonshire Maternity Services website brings together a wealth of up-to-date and local information to support women, partners and their families through their pregnancy journeys – and help them make informed choices about the care and support that’s available to them.

The website is designed for easy use on smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers, and has been developed by the Northamptonshire Local Maternity Systems, which is a workstream of Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership. It includes the following key information:

  • Details of the choice of services pregnant women are entitled to access for personalised, continuous and safer care
  • A guide to the three stages of pregnancy and what happens during each trimester
  • The roles of different clinicians women will see during pregnancy
  • Guidance to help pregnant women maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Information to support dads and partners
  • What happens when pregnancy doesn’t go to plan
  • News and updates – plus stories from real people who have used Northamptonshire’s maternity services
  • Details of how local health and care organisations are working to improve our county’s maternity services

To explore the new NHS Northamptonshire Maternity Services website, visit