As part of our development as a Partnership we have had two events over the last few weeks to help us shape our future together and focus on best practice for and with our community.

On 19 March a group of senior health and social care leaders (pictured) visited Tameside and Manchester to find out more about how they are delivering care in their areas and getting the best out of working together. It was a very useful visit providing valuable learning which we can bring back and incorporate into how we work, and we thank the colleagues who hosted us.

On 26 March key NHCP stakeholders came together for a workshop focusing on how we can enable more ways to work together effectively and to discuss our future working. This included building on our draft operational plan for 2019/20, which outlines our priorities and how we are working together and will be submitted to NHS England later this year.

There was also an engaging presentation by Britain Thinks, a research agency which has analysed national public perceptions of sustainability and transformation partnerships, primary care and how people would like to be engaged and communicated with.

Overall the event provided a very helpful opportunity for colleagues to focus on what working in partnership means to us, so we can keep checking we are taking the right steps towards our vision for a positive lifetime of health, wellbeing and care in our community.