The place-based care workshop

A successful workshop event on 27 March brought together four local projects developing joined-up health and care services around the needs of their communities.

The interactive session involved key colleagues from across Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership and formed part of the planning process for delivering place-based care in our county.

Place-based care focuses on joining up health and care services around communities of 30,000 to 50,000 people, so that providers of those services can collectively focus on the care needs in their local area – and benefit from the shared knowledge and information available in their locality.

Four places have been selected to take this initiative forward in Northamptonshire – Wellingborough, Corby, Northampton and Daventry.

The workshop, supported by the National Association of Primary Care, helped the sites in their planning by sharing ideas and learning from good practice from established placed-base care projects in other areas of the country.

The event was a great success with plans agreed for further engagement with local communities in the four project areas. There was also input from local projects which are already up and running, such as Age Well Wellingborough.