In the past few weeks we have been speaking to service users and members of our community about Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership and how they might like to receive health and care information from NHCP.

As always we encourage our staff, stakeholders and community to register via our Get Involved page to stay up to date with what’s happening with the Partnership – as well as our increasing opportunities for patient engagement.

There’s more about a collaborative public engagement event we are hosting with Healthwatch Northamptonshire on the next page, but below is an update about two recent sessions we held to listen to people’s views and gather feedback about our work.

“Different people, different stories”

Dionne Mayhew (centre) with the Young Healthwatch board.

Dionne Mayhew from the NHCP Communications and Engagement Team visited the Young Healthwatch board in February to talk about how the young people might like to receive health and care information and what is most important to them.

It was a great session with lots of chat and ideas. The feedback from the discussion will be used in shaping future messaging for our younger community. Some of their ideas included:

  • Use of humour / play on words
  • Colourful materials
  • Speak ‘to’, not ‘at’ people
  • Create different stories for different people
  • Use personal stories where we can

Thanks to the group for their support and energy, we look forward to meeting you again soon!

Understanding patient choice and patient needs

Patient involvement group members during the feedback session

At the end of February the NHCP Communications and Engagement Team also met with representatives from our partners’ patient involvement groups to discuss our ways of communicating and how some of the NHCP documents and communications we are creating look and feel.

We talked about a range of matters from posters in GP surgeries and preferred ways of receiving information and updates about NHCP, through to the best methods of ensuring people can understand the aims of the Partnership.

The group gave lots of really helpful suggestions about our work and we also discussed how they felt about the style and design of our work. The feedback was really positive and the group helped us to refine and plan how things should look in the future.