On Christmas Eve 2018 Kettering General Hospital opened its expanded A&E minors area for people with minor injuries and less serious medical problems.

The move is part of a £2.4m refurbishment and relocation programme to improve care for patients using the hospital’s A&E services. The work has involved expanding the department into the adjacent Frank Radcliffe Fracture Clinic. It has improved the A&E minors service by creating:

  • 10 extra A&E examination rooms
  • 4 additional triage rooms
  • A dedicated plaster room for A&E only (previously A&E shared a plaster room with the fracture clinic)
  • A dedicated room for a GP

To enable this expansion KGH is also relocating its fracture clinic and dermatology department. The hospital’s dermatology department moved off site to improved facilities in Prospect House in Lower Street, Kettering (alongside the Weavers and Eskdaill GP practices and Rowlands Pharmacy) in November. The plan is for the Frank Radcliffe Fracture Clinic to move into the area previously occupied by the dermatology department as soon as some estates matters are complete.