Our urgent and emergency care services are more than just our accident and emergency services – they are all the services that support people in our community when they are very ill or in need of care that prevents them becoming ill.

Katie Brown

Every part of the NHS and social care services around the country are under pressure during winter and while we are doing our best, Northamptonshire is in the same position.

Too many older people in our county become ill and spend nights in a hospital bed when they could have been managed by the NHS and social care at home or through day attendance at hospital or a local health centre. Too much time spent in hospital unnecessarily often leads to adverse patient outcomes like hospital-acquired infections and loss of independence.

We know this needs to change, and that’s why all our Partnership organisations have been working closely together for many months to improve the way in which our urgent and emergency care services operate.

Ahead of this winter we have introduced new ways of working and are focusing our efforts across the county health and care system to ensure more people can get the care they need without having to be admitted to hospital, and so those who do require a hospital stay have enough support at home or in the community to make sure they don’t have to stay longer than is necessary.

Katie Brown, assistant director of Northamptonshire Adult Social Services (pictured above right), said: “Winter is a challenging time for our urgent and emergency care system. It’s vital we work together as health and care organisations to tackle this challenge, and we are confident our collaborative working will deliver positive change for older people in Northamptonshire.”

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